The Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I add background music to my poetry?
Absolutely! As one of our services, Poetry Recording can add background music to your reading. We first record the poem reading. Then we add music that accompanies the “mood” of the reading.

Check out some of our examples on the right side of this page. The Order page has the reading with background music cost.

Can you make my poem into a video?
Of course! We first record the poem reading. Then we add background music to accompany it. Next we select a background picture to use in the video. Finally we add the text to the video so viewers can follow along with your reading. We then send you the poem and you can use it in any way you want…Upload to Youtube, Facebook, send to friends….

Check out our YouTube page above for some of the ones we’ve already done for other poets.

Can you turn my poem into a song?  
Yes we can. First we write a melody to fit your poem. Then we set up a recording session in our studio to record the music and vocals. This can be a simple piano and vocal production up to a full production of drums, guitars, piano, strings vocals, basically whatever is desired.

The cost is dependent upon the type of production you may want, so please call us and we can go over all the options, costs and any questions you may have.

“Give Your Poetry A Voice”

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