Thank You Poetry Recording! What a great gift for my wife on our anniversary. – Mark B. Manassas VA

Poetry Recording you really did give my poem a new life! – Jennifer K. Topeka, Kansas

Wow!Great job on my poem. Hearing my work read by a professional reader and having it as an mp3 has opened doors I didn’t know existed. – Bill B. California

My wife was in tears when she heard the poem I wrote for her 15 years ago as a SONG! What an amazing 15 year anniversary gift. Such a beautiful way to say “I Love You” all over again. I don’t know how to thank you. – T. Michaels, San Jose, California.

Inspiring… Since having one of my poems recorded and performed by your professional voice over talent, I’m writing like crazy. I can’t wait to have you record my first poetry album. – Susan Z. Birmingham, Alabama.

My Poetry on Youtube…That’s amazing..I had no clue I could do that. Thanks for all you do Poetry Recording!! – Zach M. United Kingdom

Love the different voices and personality you gave my work. I’m already working on my next batch to have recorded. – Steve L. Dallas Texas

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